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by: RulerofMobs over 5 years ago
Hi Taylor, Just wanted to say that I think you're doing an amazing job leading WC! Keep it up! I'll try to be on sometime, but no guarantees.



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Hello again everyone.

There have been a lot of awesome improvements and I wanted to recap so that people know what has been happening in the last few months.

* we have a new language translation feature for chat that allows people to translate any language into their own supported language of choice. Read more

* the burrow plot server has been updated to 1.13.2

* we have a new quick FAQ plugin has been built recently (/ffaq)

* a faster loading hub

* many new members have joined or returned to the community

* a new wool city resource pack is currently being developed that will contain custom item models for decorating your builds. (/deco) (/ffaq read wcrp)

* many new amazing builds and constructions. The ancient original world has also been loaded onto the free build server to be used once again. It is a 10 year old world and it will continue to be with us for the Life of wool cuty.

 I'm sure there are some things that I may have missed. Feel free to add to the list in posts below. Good job everyone!

Hello everyone,
Another update here. WoolCity is going to be welcoming The Burrow as we join forces to provide a great experience for the players. The eventual goal is to merge and combine plot servers as we transition to 1.13.2, but for the time being, two plot servers may run in parallel side by side until FAWE and other core plugins are in a stable state. Some of the players have already joined WoolCity. Others have yet to learn about it. As new players join I ask that we give everyone a warm welcome. Thanks! We are stronger together. Let's have some fun.

It takes a team over 5 years ago
  It's RulerofMobs, not RulerOfMobs. Note how the "o" in "of" isn't capitalized, thank you very much.

It takes a team over 5 years ago
It’s time for another update, everyone. I want to start by saying thank you to the team for the outstanding work. This has not been a solo effort. This has been a team effort. I’m proud of that. And I’m proud of how we have come together to make great things happen. Let’s recap the last 18 days. 
  • Plenty of bug fixes for survival
  • Plenty of bug fixes for the plot server
  • We have improved our branding by replacing all mentions of "LumenGaming" with "WoolCity"
  • Users of all versions from 1.8 to 1.13.2 can connect to the network and all sub-servers now.
  • Matthew and Pangamma created the Woolcity website and gave it style.
  • New Trello to Discord integration so that trello updates are automatically pushed to the #botspam channel.
  • Improved navigation for newbies on the hub, the freebuild server, and the plots server. Each server now makes use of holograms and compass GUIs to help users learn the commands and some basics about each server.
  • A lot of testing and plugins work by AngelBlueMC as well.
  • Plots has a brand new spawn now thanks to robothief5001, jcal, and RulerofMobs.
  • jcal_81 built a brand new easy nametag changer plugin. Just right click with the nametag to open a renamer GUI. Try it on FreeBuild!
  • A new hub server complete with a spawn, some jump plugins, billboards, and a server selection GUI
  • Developed a custom hosts listener that displays custom join messages to users when they join from different hosts (if a player joins at an outdated IP address it lets them know about it).
  • Finally, we have begun working on the new 1.13.2 Minecraft plots experience.It isn't ready yet, but it is something that is next on our TODO list.
Good job, team! A very productive 18 days. 

A new website! over 5 years ago
Hello everyone,

I wanted to announce our new website. It is more simplified than our last one. We were originally using a xenforo board, but considering how we usually use discord for all of our chat, the 160USD per year to keep the xenforo board updated is just not worth it for us. This site style will be better suited to our needs for sure. 

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