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IGN: Pangamma
by Taylor » over 5 years ago

Hello again everyone.

There have been a lot of awesome improvements and I wanted to recap so that people know what has been happening in the last few months.

* we have a new language translation feature for chat that allows people to translate any language into their own supported language of choice. Read more

* the burrow plot server has been updated to 1.13.2

* we have a new quick FAQ plugin has been built recently (/ffaq)

* a faster loading hub

* many new members have joined or returned to the community

* a new wool city resource pack is currently being developed that will contain custom item models for decorating your builds. (/deco) (/ffaq read wcrp)

* many new amazing builds and constructions. The ancient original world has also been loaded onto the free build server to be used once again. It is a 10 year old world and it will continue to be with us for the Life of wool cuty.

 I'm sure there are some things that I may have missed. Feel free to add to the list in posts below. Good job everyone!


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IGN: RulerofMobs
by RulerofMobs » over 5 years ago

We've certainly been growing! It's been crazy seeing so many players join for the first time recently.